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The Process

Discovery Phase

We take the time to sit down with the client one on one in order to find out exactly what makes you tick. You are one of a kind, your goals are unique and so is your financial plan. We break this session into determining two metrics:

  • The Qualitative
  • The Quantitative

The Qualitative: This is the immeasurable, the aspects of your life that drive and inspire you. These are your goals, your ambitions and your values. We want to know your “why”. By getting in touch with who you are and what you keep closest to heart, we can develop a strategy directed at letting you do more of what you love. Our attention to these details regarding your life is what sets us apart from the rest. We gauge our success based on yours. In this assessment we will also gauge your relationship to risk and how you define it. We believe that risk should be defined subjectively and therefore dealt with differently depending on the client. For more info on our philosophy on risk management, click here.

The Quantitative: This is the measurable. We will review your current financial health by looking at the various instruments used to determine ones current financial status. These include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Wills, Trusts and Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Taxes
  • Life Insurance

 Alignment Phase

After getting in touch with your vision and current metrics, we now know where it is you want to end up. We can then draw the map to get you there. This phase is dedicated to presenting and educating you on the desired route that our experience has proven help you arrive at your destination. We will match you with an agreed upon investment strategy and financial plan to carry you through.

Implementation Phase

Being that TriStar is a full service advisory firm, this phase is dedicated to rolling up the sleeves and getting to work. We are going to be right there with you as we employ the financial plan seamlessly into your life. Leave the investment strategy to us, we will handle that part for you.   

Nurture Phase

This phase is the devoted to the consistent and methodical maintenance of your plan, and your relationship to it. We want you to always know, that while you are focusing on what is most important to you, that we are focusing on what is most important to us, the success of your plan. The journey of life is meant to be enjoyed while keeping your future goals in clear view. To ensure a mutual understanding of the current status of the plan, we will meet at least annually.